Blogs About Child Foot Care

In our blog, we discuss common children's foot conditions, and ways in which to prevent these problems and proper treatment.
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  • 5 Back-to-School Tips for Kids’ Feet The more you know about foot care, the better able you will be to help your children stay happy and healthy. Follow these 5 back-to-school tips for kids’ feet!
  • Children’s Gait A child’s gait pattern—the manner in which he or she walks—can either indicate or be affected by various medical issues. Being able to recognize problems with children’s gait is a starting point in making sure your son or daughter receives the care he or she needs!
  • Tips to Keep Kids’ Feet Warm and Dry The team at Ripepi Foot & Ankle Clinics provides comprehensive pediatric foot care services. You can help your children’s foot health by keeping their feet warm and dry in the winter!