A Podiatrist’s Perspective of Foot and Ankle Injuries

Many people will struggle with a chronic foot condition for years before seeking a doctor’s advice. In our blog, we help patients understand the reasons behind their foot pain, offering long-term solutions that can help rid them of their ailments once and for all.
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  • Laser for Fungal Nails One of the most impactful advances in podiatric care over the past several years has been the use of laser for treating fungal nails. Find out how the state-of-the-art treatment at Ripepi Foot & Ankle Clinics can restore your toenails back to their healthy, clear selves!
  • Children’s Gait A child’s gait pattern—the manner in which he or she walks—can either indicate or be affected by various medical issues. Being able to recognize problems with children’s gait is a starting point in making sure your son or daughter receives the care he or she needs!
  • Tips to Keep Kids’ Feet Warm and Dry The team at Ripepi Foot & Ankle Clinics provides comprehensive pediatric foot care services. You can help your children’s foot health by keeping their feet warm and dry in the winter!
  • Your Essential Foot Care Guidelines The team at Ripepi Foot & Ankle Clinics is committed to your foot health. Find out how you can help by following some essential foot care guidelines!
  • Physical Activity and Your Foot Health People might be quick to think of other reasons for working out, but the benefits of exercise for foot health shouldn’t be overlooked!
  • Common Sources of Heel Pain Heel pain is a common problem caused by several conditions that are seen more frequently than others in both adults and adolescent patients.
  • How to Choose Proper Running Shoes Wearing the correct running shoes for your foot type and pronation pattern is essential for reducing your risk of various foot and ankle injuries.
  • Is it Time to See a Podiatrist? Should you see a podiatrist for your foot pain? Dr. Joseph Ripepi talks about the right time to make the call.
  • Stretches to Prevent Heel Pain Heel pain is a very common medical issue. Dr. Ripepi shares how you can use a couple of key stretches to prevent it from happening to you.
  • Can’t Get Rid of Your Heel Pain? If you have heel pain and nothing seems to work (or you just haven’t tried anything yet), give Ripepi Foot and Ankle Clinics a call.