A Podiatrist’s Perspective of Foot and Ankle Injuries

Many people will struggle with a chronic foot condition for years before seeking a doctor’s advice. In our blog, we help patients understand the reasons behind their foot pain, offering long-term solutions that can help rid them of their ailments once and for all.
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  • Best Running Trails in Northeast Ohio There are so many great options for both new and experienced runners to train in Northeast Ohio, which can make it difficult to decide where to go. Dr. Ripepi shares several outstanding options in our local communities to help plan your next training session. Within the selections, you will find trails and parks of various sizes and offering different features. Check them out and you might even end up with a new favorite place to run!
  • Your Summer Staycation: The Best of Cleveland! Staying local over the summer? There’s still plenty of Cleveland summer activities for you and the family to enjoy! The staff at Ripepi & Associates Foot & Ankle Clinics offer some suggestions for Cleveland summer activities—plus a few tips for keeping feet safe while enjoying them.
  • Time to Get Out and Enjoy Springtime Activities! Springtime is upon us in Northeastern Ohio, which means it’s time to get out and enjoy any of the many outdoor activities in the area. Of course, if you are experiencing foot pain or any other issues, you should see the pros at Ripepi Foot & Ankle Clinics for professional treatment first. Don’t let foot pain keep you from staying active this spring!
  • Is It the Right Time to See a Podiatrist? Should you see a podiatrist for your foot pain? Dr. Joseph Ripepi talks about the right time to make the call.