Athletic Foot Care

Experienced Parma & Rocky River, OH Podiatrist. Sports injuries of the foot and help for foot and ankle injury

We Specialize in Sports Related Injuries

Depending on the sport, your feet and ankles can be mistreated from repetitive play.

Whether an athlete is a recreational, competitive, or elite runner, foot and ankle health is necessary for optimal performance.  Runners are inclined to overuse injuries including heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendonitis, neuromas, and stress fractures.  Evaluation by a foot and ankle surgeon will help you determine the underlying cause of pain and the best course of treatment. Custom orthotics are often used for treatment of these conditions in order to correct weakness in an athlete’s gait allowing for maximum training without injury.      

Ankle sprains are a common injury with sports that involve repetitive jumping.  Ankle sprains should be examined by a foot and ankle surgeon to determine the extent of injury, including tendon injuries or fractures. Delaying treatment after trauma slows recovery and may lead to further problems or lost training time. Dr. Ripepi will develop a treatment plan for each patient based on their injury with a goal to return them to training as soon as possible.  If the sprain is left untreated the sprain may lead to chronic ankle instability and recurrent sprains. 

Athletes are subject to developing a sprained ankle every time they step on a ball field, jump a hurdle, or run a race. Whatever the cause of your sprained ankle, our experienced Cleveland, ankle doctor, Dr. Ripepi, can help make certain that your ankle heals correctly to avoid future complications.

Athletes demand high performance from their feet. Dr. Ripepi works with our athletes to keep them as active as they want to be without foot pain and performance limiting injuries. When injuries do occur Dr. Ripepi works to decrease the recovery time in order to get our athletes back in the game as soon as possible.

Whether you are a professional athlete or play sports just for fun, the demands made on your feet and lower limbs can lead to a range of injuries, including blisters, sprained ankles, torn ligaments, shin splints (leg pain), knee pain, low back pain and other joint or muscle problems. Added to these are common complaints such as corns, calluses and athlete’s foot. Your running style, poor footwear and even minor limb length differences can also contribute to injury.

MLS Laser Therapy can be used to treat sports related injuries and pain.  Laser therapy will minimize pain, Experienced Parma & Rocky River, OH Podiatrist. Mls laserinflammation, and speed healing of injuries by using light energy to make the local cells into “super cells” and promote and speed you body’s ability to heal itself.

Foot and ankle expert Dr. Ripepi uses advanced digital x-ray technology to tell whether you have a sprain or whether you have broken a bone in your foot and/or ankle. If any foot or ankle injury occurs, call Ripepi Foot & Ankle Clinics right away at 440-843-3692.  We will prioritize your care with a same-day or next-day appointment.

Tips for Athletic Foot Care:

1. Stretch:  stretching before activity and before athletic activity readies the muscles and tendons for ACTION…..decreasing injury.  Don’ skip your stretching before (or after) athletic activity (including walking).

2. Wear a performance shoe.   Wear a shoe made for athletic activity.  If you can fold a shoe easily from toe to heel (“like a taco”) it is NOT a performance shoe.  A running shoe or cross trainer is best for most athletic training.

3. If you experience foot or ankle pain, without trauma, that does NOT go away in 7-10 days…have it examined by a foot & ankle specialist.  Most pain can be eliminated rapidly…decreasing your suffering and returning you to full activity MUCH sooner.

4. Blisters and calluses are a sign that “something is not right” (with your shoe or your foot).  Deal with repeated blisters and/or calluses to find out how they can be eliminated (often the solutions are simple but extremely effective).

5. Don’t push through foot and ankle pain!  Pushing through hard workouts is important…. Pushing through pain in the foot and ankle is UNNECCESSARY!  If you experience pain during or after exercise, we can eliminate the pain and return you to the pain free sporting activities that you enjoy!