Information to Help Patients Overcome Foot and Ankle Pain

We want all of our patients to have the best possible chance at kicking foot pain for good. That is why we have compiled a library full of foot care tips and informative articles on diabetic foot complications, sports injuries, heel pain, and more. Learn more about your condition in our free online library.
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  • Corns and Calluses Dr. Joseph Ripepi explains what corns and calluses are, why they form, and what can be done to minimize painful symptoms.
  • Warts Warts are the result of a viral infection and may lead to pain and discomfort. Learn more about these skin growths from Dr. Joseph Ripepi.
  • Shin Splints Dr. Joseph Ripepi discusses why your shins might be hurting, the common sources of shin splints, and some potential treatment options.
  • Ingrown Nails Dr. Joseph Ripepi discusses ingrown toenails, including causes, symptoms, and available treatment options.
  • Heel Spurs Bone spurs are a very common problem. Spurs in the feet most often occur in the heel and near the toes. Learn more about this problem from Dr. Joseph Ripepi.
  • Hammertoes Hammertoe is a deformity of the second, third or fourth toes. Dr. Joseph Ripepi discusses the causes and treatments for this condition.
  • Fungal Toenails Dr. Joseph Ripepi discusses fungal toenails, including causes, symptoms, and available treatment options.
  • Fractures Fractures in the lower body are rather common. In part, foot and ankle fractures are common on account of the vast number of bones in our lower limbs. Dr. Joseph Ripepi discusses the different types of fractures and symptoms it may include.
  • Bunions Bunions can be painful and inhibit you from enjoying activities, but Dr. Joseph Ripepi discusses causes, symptoms, and treatment options to ease comfort.
  • Ankle Sprains Dr. Joseph Ripepi discusses ankle sprains so you know what to do if you are experiencing pain or when to come in for treatment.