I would recommend Dr. Joe Ripepi for the treatment of toenail fungus or any foot and ankle problem.

I decided to seek medical attention for toenail fungus that I was trying to treat for many years with over the counter products that weren’t getting rid of the fungus. I saw an advertisement for the new laser treatment through a coupon/discount site and bought the package to try the treatment.

The average person wouldn’t think that toenail fungus would affect your life, but it does. Both of my employments have required closed toe shoes for work. This causes the fungus to get worse. My toenails were barely clinging on to my toes. They were loose, moist, and hurt just with socks on. The slightest bump to the toenail would rip the nail away more, start to bleed, and have me in tears. Wearing the shoes made me crunch up my toes so that the top of the shoe couldn’t rub on the nail. This of course makes you walk oddly and I’m sure it throws your back and hips out of alignment. The pain and discomfort are the primary concerns. Because of the dress code, pain and worsening was very difficult to avoid. I found myself slipping my shoes off under my desk every chance I had. This is not possible with my current employment of school bus driver. The secondary concerns are the abnormal appearance of the toenail. They developed big humps or ridges. They are discolored to a dark brown and can also look black, as the bleeding occurs under the nail. The nail becomes so thick it is impossible to cut or trim and if you can, there is pain due to the looseness. I have noticed people would get a glance of my toenails and quickly look away. It made me feel embarrassed. Almost as if I wasn’t a bodily clean person.

The laser treatment has helped the pain. I would not be able to work if I didn’t have the lasering done and would not be able to wear shoes. The laser treatments have made the nail adhere to the toe. The laser helps keep pain under control. Since the laser treatments, I have not had a bleeding incident. The nail seems to be dry, smoother, and getting thinner each treatment I have.

I would recommend toenail fungus sufferers to try the laser treatment. Especially if they are not seeing results with over the counter products. I also wanted to mention that lasering is a safe treatment compared to oral medications that may not be tolerated by patients with liver disorders such as myself.

Being able to put shoes on and work to support my family is the reason that I continue the laser. The IS NOT a cosmetic need for me. I could put nail polish on my toes to cover the unsightliness of them. I CANNOT withstand the pain of every step I take in a pair of shoes. I panic when I see blood bubbling out my loose toenail. I have had to tape my nail to my toe numerous times as the pain from rubbing was unbearable. I have quite a personal expense invested in my toenails, just to be able to put on a pair of shoes required for work. 

I would recommend Dr. Joe Ripepi for the treatment of toenail fungus or any foot and ankle problem. On my many visits, he has always been on schedule/on time. This is extremely important as the patient’s time is valuable as well in this busy world. During my visits, Dr. Ripepi takes the time to answer all my questions and I feel a part of my treatment options. If I mention that I think an area needs more attention, he is willing to address that area more aggressively. Dr Ripepi doesn’t just talk business. If you’re looking to feel comfortable or at ease, we have had conversations about restaurants, jobs, vacations, weather-you name it while he is attending to my feet.

Joni S., Parma, Ohio