A Podiatrist Explores the World of Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries

Athletes must take precautions to protect their feet and ankles from serious injury. In our blog, we explore common sports-related foot conditions such as shin splints, ankle pain, fractures, and turf toe, and discuss proper injury prevention and treatment.

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  • Play League Sports at Any Age Whether you play in a rec league, youth league, or for your school, team sports are great exercise—and great fun—at any age. But if you want to avoid hurting yourself, you should consider the following.
  • Physical Activity and Your Foot Health People might be quick to think of other reasons for working out, but the benefits of exercise for foot health shouldn’t be overlooked!
  • How to Choose Proper Running Shoes Wearing the correct running shoes for your foot type and pronation pattern is essential for reducing your risk of various foot and ankle injuries.