Is My Foot Broken?

Broken FootFoot bone fractures are usually sustained in a single, physically traumatic event. Knowing the type of injury is important for diagnosing this medical issue. If the injury entailed crushing, bending, twisting, or stretching—such as falling from a height, accidentally kicking something hard, or twisting or spraining an ankle—it’s possible you have broken a foot bone.  

Beyond the incident itself, symptoms can further indicate if your foot, toe, or ankle has a broken bone. Sharp pain at the time of the occurrence is a key indicator. So too is increased pain when pressure is applied to the area. For this reason, it will likely be quite difficult (and perhaps even impossible) to walk or support bodyweight. 

Other signs of a broken foot bone include bruising in the affected area, deformity in the foot (which likely indicates a compound fracture), or—in severe cases—a fractured bone piercing the skin. In the event of an “open” or “complex” fracture, you need to take measures to lower infection risk and then seek immediate, emergency medical assistance.  

If you suspect a “closed” broken bone in your foot or ankle, come see us as soon as possible. We will perform diagnostics and treatment to ensure the broken pieces line up for proper healing, and then immobilize the area to prevent the broken bone from shifting out of position. 

Dr. Joseph Ripepi
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