How Much Does Treatment of Fungal Nails Cost

How Much Does Laser Treatment of Fungus Nails Cost?

One of the first questions patients with nail fungus want to know is: How much does laser treatment of fungus toenails and fingernails cost? Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some of the factors that guide the cost.

Investing in your health is truly the best investment that you can make! Once you can see the VALUE, the investment becomes much easier and makes absolute sense to the patient. In the case of the toenail fungus, the value is can take your shoes off (at the beach, at the gym, and in front of your family) and go barefoot again without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. You will also be able to stop worrying that this fungus will spread further or to other toenails (or fingernails).

The factors that drive the costs for the use of lasers to treat nail fungus come down to primarily these 5 factors:

  1. How many nails must be treated?
  2. How badly infected are the nails? The extent of the fungus infection for that patient and for each nail infected.
  3. Patient factors: immune system, family history, activities...etc.
  4. The TYPE of nail fungus infecting your nails.

How many nails must be treated?

Costs will vary due to the number of nails that are infected and must be treated. The number and extent of the fungus nail infection must be evaluated in order to discuss the cost of treatment. This is why it is difficult to talk about price until the patient is examined. I offer a free consultation for any patient who wants to get an idea of what treatment for their condition may truly is the best way!

How badly infected are the nails?

The extent of the nail fungus infection varies from patient to patient....and even from nail to nail. Some nails are completely destroyed by the infection and others to a lesser degree. This often affects costs.

Patient Factors: immune system, family history, activities....etc.

 Each patient responds differently to any treatment regimen (laser treatment included). Therefore, these patient factors will drive cost of treatment:                      

  • Immune System: the patient's ability to fight off the fungus infection. Patients with poor or compromised immune systems will most likely need more treatment....which will affect costs.      
  • Family History: some patients "genetically" don't fight off the fungus infection well. You can also inherit a tendency FOR GETTING this fungus infection from your parents and grandparents, especially when other family members have it too.
  • The activities a patient likes to do: Runners, athletes, dancers, wearing high-heeled shoes, wearing tight shoes, and playing "stop and start" sports (basketball, tennis, soccer, hockey...etc) are all reasons a patient can have nail fungus and also make it harder to get rid of the nail fungus.

The TYPE of nail fungus infecting your nails:    

There are several different types of nail fungus. The type that each patient has can also drive costs. The different types of nail fungus affect how tough it may be to get rid of the problem. Think of the different types of nail fungus as related but cousins. Some (fungi) are more of a problem and tougher "to get rid of" than others. If you have the "tougher type," it may take longer to treat the problem.     

Because there are so many factors in treating nail fungus with lasers, it can be difficult to know how much treatment will cost. So, the answer to price is truly that it depends...but now you know the factors that drive the cost. Once an examination is completed and the extent of the problem is evaluated (looked at and examined), the costs for each individual patient can be determined and he/she can make an informed decision and VALUE the treatment plan that they have decided to use to fight this problem. The patient can then return to the activities that he/she enjoys.

Final Word: I hope that you now have a better idea of what drives the cost of Laser Treatment of nail fungus and the difficulty in pricing treatment without examining a patient first. I offer a FREE CONSULTATION to any patient so that their condition can be examined and a price for THEIR treatment can be discussed. It is the best way to make an informed decision. 

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