Library Articles on Sports Injuries Involving the Feet and Ankles

Our articles are full of information on a variety of sports-related foot injuries, including bone fractures, shin splints, ankle sprains, turf toe, and more. Learn more about your injury and learn what steps to take toward recovery in our free online library.
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  • Shin Splints Shin splints can be brutal for most runners to endure. Thankfully, there are treatment options available to get you back to you normal-active self. We can help, just click to start!
  • Fractures Fractures in the lower body are rather common. In part, foot and ankle fractures are common on account of the vast number of bones in our lower limbs. Dr. Joseph Ripepi discusses the different types of fractures and symptoms it may include.
  • Ankle Sprains Suffering from a possible ankle sprain? Our podiatry clinic is fully prepared to give you the treatment you deserve to get back on your feet. Click to start!