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womens diabetic shoeDiabetic Shoes & Foot Health

Diabetic patients have an increased risk of foot problems and one in five will develop an ulcer on the feet.  The good news is that you can treat and prevent dangers of the diabetic foot through making sure you see a podiatrist annually and are wearing proper fitted shoes.  As a matter of fact, you can reduce the risk of developing foot ulcers by 85% through wearing correct fitting shoes and orthotic inserts.

Some consequences or dangerous risks associated with diabetes include foot deformity and/ or amputation; therefore, we urge patients to be seen as soon as possible if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

After you receive your foot assessment, you will be fitted and measured for the proper shoes and inserts if you quailfy.  Diabetic shoes will help make sure there is enough room in the toe area, the instep, and the ball of the foot.  Diabetic shoes have a deep heel that will keep the back part of your foot stable and help prevent developing or worsening foot ulcers.  They also help with the probability of developing bunions and calluses.  Since diabetic shoes are made with special materials, they will help your foot in painful areas that cause rubbing, friction or soreness.  Your feet will feel better as the shoes will help alleviate joint pain, foot pain and inflammation.  More good news…..the shoes that you can pick from LOOK GOOD TOO!!mens diabetic shoes

Insurance programs often cover diabetic shoes and will cover a new pair of both diabetic shoes and inserts every year for those that qualify.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, take the first steps to prevent dangers of the diabetic foot.  Schedule a Diabetic shoe exam and fitting with Ripepi Foot & Ankle Clinics today! 440- 843-3692

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