Orthotics Help Relieve Discomfort & Improve Your Step

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Experiencing foot pain is extremely common, but it is NEVER normal.  Dr. Ripepi may recommend custom-molded orthotics to help relieve your discomfort and improve your step.

Unlike orthotics you can purchase over the counter from the drugstore, custom orthotics are prescribed for YOUR foot. Custom orthotics address the weaknesses in YOUR feet so that your feet can work as efficiently as possible together.  They are available only through your doctor and are custom-fit specifically to address the mechanical “weaknesses” in your gait.  Think of your feet like the tires on your car. If your tires are not balanced and working efficiently, the car delivers a very rough ride. 

Similarly, if your feet are not working “balanced” or efficiently, then the joints of your body (back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet) are getting a “rough ride,” and this will result in arthritis of these joints.  Orthotics purchased at your local retailer will be less expensive than prescription orthotics.

However, even though they are “cushy” and cheaper, they will not be addressing the weakness in your feet that custom molded orthotics do…..allowing arthritis to slowly (and often silently) beat up your joints.  Getting the prescription correct and making the orthotic correctly from your podiatrist makes all the difference in creating a “smooth ride”.  This keeps our patients active now and active as their athletic careers and activities continue with time. 

3-D Orthotics Scanner

Dr. Ripepi will utilize a state-of-the-art digital 3-D scanner that uses CAD (Computer-aided Design) technology to create a 3-D image of your feet. Your digital 3-D images will then be sent to a special lab where a team of experts will create your individual pair of orthotics that will correct the weaknesses of your feet and allow your body to work more efficiently.

Cushioning and support from wearing custom orthotics help ensure pain relief and comfort.  Dr. Ripepi knows that orthotics allow our athletes and patients to compete like a well-balanced and well-tuned race car….our patients know that wearing their orthotics takes the stress and strain off their joints and feels gooood!  Custom orthotics work because our patients who wear them tell us they work.

Fun Fact:  A large percentage of NBA players wear custom-molded orthotics.  Why? Because custom-molded orthotics decrease injury and increase the efficiency of these talented athletes. 

Enhance Sport Performance with Dr. Ripepi Customized Sports Orthotics™Dr. Ripepi sports orthotics

Enjoy all of your sports activities more when you make smart choices in footwear and educate yourself in learning about the importance of sports orthotics. Hikers know all about the importance of shoe and boot fit, but sports orthotics often go overlooked.  Dr.Ripepi Sports Orthotics™ for foot & ankle pain prevention, support, and sports performance.

Dr. Ripepi Sports Orthotics™ support your feet during all athletic activities, including exercising, running, golfing, or just walking your dog.  Dr. Ripepi  Sports Orthotics helps athletes enhance their performance by delivering a supreme level of foot support and diminishing stress of inadequate foot position in normal footwear.  A perfect foot position aids in improving endurance and performance, besides protecting feet from future injuries.  Get pain relief, reinforcement & corrective support!

How Orthotics Prevent Foot Pain

  • Performance, prevention, and rehabilitation
  • Fix weaknesses in the foot & ankle
  • Prevents and helps knee and back pain
  • Promotes good posture, and alignment, and supports a balanced distribution of weight to treat painful conditions such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and flat feet
  • Protects feet from injuries
  • Relieve pressure points, reduce blister and foot irritation
  • Make your feet feel comfortable while enjoying any of your favorite sports

Ripepi Foot & Ankle Clinics of Greater Cleveland offers custom, prescription orthotics to meet your needs. Schedule an appointment today at 440-843-3692 to find out what orthotics can do for you.

Dr. Ripepi sports orthotics

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