Chronic Wounds


wound on footChronic Wounds

Foot conditions which lead to chronic wounds: (wounds that do not heal completely in 6 weeks)

Poor blood supply or low oxygen (more likely if you smoke).
Neuropathy (your feet are numb, tingle or burn) (“can’t feel my feet”).
Calluses or “pressure points” on the foot, ankle or bottom of the foot.
Infections can occur from weak immune systems and swelling from injuries.

Some Common Chronic Wounds:

Open sores
Large burns
Infected cuts
Blisters on the front of the lower legs.

Contributing Factors:

Edema or chronic swelling of lower legs and feet.
Corns and calluses

Dr. Ripepi begins with a consultation and physical exam, history of medication, past surgeries, allergies and information of when the wound occurred.  Your visit will also include an X-ray to check for signs of infection.  Treatment depends on the severity of the wound.  Chronic wounds can cause a serious infection.

Treatment of Chronic Wounds:

Local wound care (different ways to treat chronic wounds depending on the wound)
Vascular status evaluation.
Daily inspection of your feet (link to inspection of your feet)
Laser treatments to heal wounds.
Medications and “biologics” to help wounds heal.
Supplements to help wound healing and nutrition.
Debridement of chronic wounds to promote healing.
Off-loading: shoe modifications, walking boots, contact casting, orthotics shoe changes.
Blood sugar control.
Prevention may include exercise, support stockings, regular check-ups,…etc.

Appropriate treatment is crucial to help healing and prevent infection of the chronic wounds of the foot and lower leg. Conservative treatment measures are often successful in treating chronic wounds.  On occasion, surgery is required for a chronic wound to heal. 

You can always count on excellent care of your feet and ankle health with our experienced Cleveland foot and ankle specialist.  Dr. Ripepi is an expert podiatric physician that can diagnose and treat your wound or ulcer.

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